ChatGPT Mastery: Master ChatGPT in 30 Days

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Course level:Intermediate
Course Duration: 30h
Join our 30-day immersive course to become a ChatGPT expert. Perfect for beginners and those with basic AI knowledge, this transformative journey explores ChatGPT's applications, platform setup, advanced functionalities, and real-world use-cases. Get certified as a ChatGPT master after completing the course.

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Course Content

Introduction to ChatGPT

  • What is ChatGPT?
  • History and Evolution
  • Assignments
  • Introduction to ChatGPT

Getting Started with ChatGPT

Features and Functionalities

Real-World Applications

Certification and Beyond


Embark on a transformative journey to become a ChatGPT expert in just 30 days. This immersive course caters to both beginners and individuals with basic AI knowledge, guiding you through the intricacies of ChatGPT. Dive deep into its applications, set up and navigate the platform, explore advanced functionalities, and unlock real-world use-cases. Prepare for the certification quiz and emerge as a ChatGPT master.

What I will learn?

  • Gain a deep understanding of ChatGPT, its origins, and its wide-ranging applications.
  • Learn to set up and navigate the ChatGPT platform like a pro.
  • Explore ChatGPT's extensive feature set, from basic commands to advanced functionalities.
  • Dive into real-world use-cases and discover how ChatGPT can be a game-changer in various domains.
  • Prepare for the course's certification quiz and earn your ChatGPT Mastery certificate upon successful completion.


  • A computer or mobile device with internet access.
  • Basic familiarity with computer usage and online platforms.
  • A commitment to dedicating time and effort to the course.
  • An open mindset and readiness to explore AI concepts.
  • Proficiency in English language (reading and comprehension).
  • Access to necessary software or tools as specified during the course.
  • Reliable internet connection for accessing course materials.
  • Adequate time management skills to complete course modules.
  • Access to funds as required for course enrollment.

What you'll receive

Upon completion of this class you'll receive a unique digital certificate from Memorisely that you can download and show off on socials

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