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ChatGPT Mastery: Master ChatGPT in 30 Days

Duration: 4 weeks

Course Level: Intermediate

Join our 30-day immersive course to become a ChatGPT expert. Perfect for beginners and those with basic AI knowledge, this transformative journey explores ChatGPT's applications, platform setup, advanced functionalities, and real-world use-cases. Get certified as a ChatGPT master after completing the course.

Starting from: $900

ImageGenius: Learn to Generate Images Using AI

Duration: 4 weeks

Course Level: Intermediate

Master AI image generation in 4 weeks. Create stunning visuals with leading tools. Hands-on practice for real-world use. Guided by experts. Build portfolio through practical projects. Get certified in AI creativity. Interactive online course enhances design skills affordably.

Starting from: $900

VidCraft: The Ultimate Guide to AI-Generated Videos

Duration: 6 weeks

Course Level: Advanced

Unlock the power of AI video generation in this comprehensive 6-week online course. Learn to create stunning animated videos with leading tools. Practice hands-on with custom prompts, image-to-video, text-to-video, and more. Build a portfolio of AI-generated videos through real-world projects. Get certified in advanced techniques guided by industry experts. Enhance your video production skills with this cutting-edge course.

Starting from: $900

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Unlock the Boundless Potential of AI with Our Comprehensive Courses.

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Learn from experienced AI professionals who are passionate about teaching and guiding you.

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Gain practical, real-world experience through projects and exercises.


Receive a certification upon successful completion of each course, enhancing your AI expertise.

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Choose from online, offline, and live session options based on your preferences and schedule.

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