Assignment: AI Image Generation Tools

Question 1: In Lesson 1, “Popular Tools Overview,” explore popular tools such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and OpenCV used in AI image generation. Explain the features of one of these tools and how it contributes to image generation. (200-250 words) Question 2: In Lesson 2, “Hands-on Experience,” describe your practical experience using AI image generation tools. …

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Assignments: Introduction to AI Image Generation

Question 1: Explain the fundamental concepts of image generation and its practical applications. Provide examples of how AI-powered image generation can benefit various industries. (200-250 words) Question 2: Discuss the key image processing techniques covered in Lesson 2. How do filters, transformations, and enhancements play a role in AI image generation? Provide real-world examples. (200-250 …

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Provide examples of essential commands in ChatGPT and explain their use cases. Describe the process of using feedback to improve responses in ChatGPT. Explain the concept of conversation branching and how it can be beneficial.


List the hardware prerequisites for using ChatGPT on a desktop and a mobile device. Describe the process of signing up on and the verification process. Explain the importance of user settings customization in ChatGPT.


Describe the significance of ChatGPT in the field of AI. Explain the basics of how ChatGPT works, including the transformer architecture. Discuss some limitations of ChatGPT and potential future developments.

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