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EduAI: AI for Teachers

Duration: 4 weeks

Course Level: Intermediate

Transform your teaching with AI in this 4-week online course for educators. Learn to leverage AI to enhance student engagement, assessment, and feedback. Explore tools like chatbots and AI tutors to provide personalized learning. Implement AI-driven techniques into your curriculum and pedagogy through hands-on activities. Perfect for teachers, instructors, and administrators seeking to empower education with artificial intelligence.

Starting from: $900

StudySmart: AI for Students

Duration: 6 weeks

Course Level: Beginner

Elevate your academics with AI through this 6-week online course. Learn to leverage AI tools to enhance your studying, writing, research, and learning. Absorb course material better with smart quizzing, powered by machine learning. Quickly produce high-quality essays with AI writing assistants. Find relevant study content faster through AI-enabled search. Stay focused and organized with AI productivity apps. Implement proven techniques to excel as an AI-powered student. Begin your journey to augmented learning today.

Starting from: $900

AdminIQ: AI for School Administrators

Duration: 5 weeks

Course Level: Intermediate

Master AI-powered school administration in this 5-week online course. Learn how leading institutions leverage AI for operations, analytics, and strategic planning. Explore AI applications for admissions, student services, facilities, HR, finance, and more. Implement AI solutions into your school through hands-on activities and projects. Perfect for principals, superintendents, and education administrators seeking to enhance management with artificial intelligence.

Starting from: $900

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Unlock the Boundless Potential of AI with Our Comprehensive Courses.

Expert Instructors

Learn from experienced AI professionals who are passionate about teaching and guiding you.

Hands-On Experience

Gain practical, real-world experience through projects and exercises.


Receive a certification upon successful completion of each course, enhancing your AI expertise.

Flexible Learning Formats

Choose from online, offline, and live session options based on your preferences and schedule.

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