Account Intern


Join our dynamic team as an Account Intern and dive into the world of financial operations within the Information Technology and Services industry. This role is designed for individuals passionate about finance and looking to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting. You'll be involved in crucial financial processes, from sales invoice generation to managing export sales documentation, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of financial operations in the tech industry.

Key Responsibilities:

- Sales Invoice Generation: Efficiently process sales invoices in ERP & Tally, ensuring accuracy and compliance with financial policies.

- Purchase and Sales Order Management: Oversee purchase orders raised by customers and confirm sales orders, aligning with the terms and conditions of the respective orders.

- Document Verification and Management: Conduct thorough checks of Quality Inspection Reports, Test Certificates, and Consumption Reports. Ensure all documents, including Delivery Challans and E-Way Bills, comply with purchase and sales orders.

- E-Way Bill Generation: Spearhead the generation of E-Way Bills for dispatches exceeding Rs-99,000. Verifying the accuracy of quantities and values across systems.

- Export Sales Documentation: Handle all aspects of export sales documentation, from invoice generation to maintaining detailed records in ERP and Tally. Ensure the integrity of shipping documents and facilitate the submission of Shipping Bills in coordination with banking executives.

- Financial Coordination and Reporting: Assist in collecting payment advice from parties, attaching bank swift documentation. And securing the EBRC from banks. Maintain meticulous soft copies of all financial documents for easy retrieval and reference.

Ideal Candidate Profile for Account Intern :

- Educational Background: Currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a finance, accounting, or related program.

- Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with ERP systems, Tally, and Microsoft Excel. Ability to manage multiple financial documentation systems simultaneously.

- Attention to Detail: Exceptional attention to detail with a commitment to accuracy in all financial documents and reports.

- Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills, essential for coordinating with internal teams and external parties.

- Initiative and Learning Attitude: Eager to learn and take on challenges, with a proactive approach to solving problems and improving processes.

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