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At Arcot Group, we value variety and new perspectives in order to create a dynamic and comfortable work environment.

Come work with Arcot Group and experience a unique fusion of learning and innovation. Our varied workforce thrives on AI tools and ongoing development opportunities, which propel individual and organizational progress.

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Life at Arcot Group

Every day at Arcot Group is an opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and grow. We nurture a culture where asking for help is encouraged, and team support is always available. Our diverse project portfolio means you’ll be constantly challenged and learning, whether it’s mastering the latest AI tools or contributing to groundbreaking projects in various domains.

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Arcot Group

Benefits of Working at Arcot Group


Skill Enhancement and Creativity

Kick off each morning with an engaging learning session to sharpen your skills with the latest in AI, fostering a spirit of creativity and forward-thinking in all you do.

Adaptive Work-Life Integration

Our flexible approach to your working hours respects your personal time, ensuring a healthy equilibrium between office commitments and home life.

Guidance and Professional Growth

In our collaborative atmosphere, seasoned experts offer mentorship and insight, empowering your journey towards broadening your professional horizons.

Cultural Diversity at Arcot Group

Diversity isn't just a policy at Arcot Group; it's the backbone of our creativity and success. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are valued and celebrated. Our team's varied backgrounds enrich our problem-solving abilities and drive innovative solutions.

Arcot Group Internship Program

Discover how AI and business consultancy may be combined in our exceptional internship program at Arcot Group. Get hands-on experience with real projects and assistance from industry experts to establish the foundation for a successful career.

Program Duration

Take advantage of a three-month internship with Arcot Group to gain practical experience and in-depth knowledge in your industry, as well as to lay a solid career foundation.

Transition to Full-time Role

Perform well to secure a position on our full-time team where you'll work on projects that will reshape industries and the future.


Take advantage of a variety of advantages at Arcot, including compensated days off, a friendly work atmosphere, access to AI technologies, and a daily learning hour for ongoing development.

Our team at Arcot Group

Join us, and be a part of a team that’s shaping the future.


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