AI Innovations: Virtual Einstein Lectures, Stable Artisan Launch, and OpenAI’s Google Challenger

Hong Kong University Launches AI Lecturers, Including Virtual Einstein

AI News Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has embarked on an innovative project to enhance the educational experience by integrating AI-generated lecturers into its curriculum. This groundbreaking initiative utilizes advanced AI to create virtual lecturers, including representations of Albert Einstein and various anime characters, who deliver interactive lectures to students wearing virtual reality headsets.
Spearheaded by Professor Pan Hui, Chair Professor of Computational Media and Arts, the program aims to address the global teacher shortage and explore the potential of AI in revolutionizing educational methods. Rather than replacing human instructors, these AI lecturers are designed to complement them by providing diverse insights and enriching the learning environment with engaging, technology-driven teaching methods.
The technology behind this initiative involves converting traditional lecture materials into dynamic, customizable avatars. These avatars can adapt their appearance, voice, and teaching styles to suit different educational needs, making learning more engaging and personalized. This approach not only enhances student engagement but also allows human teachers to focus on the more nuanced and interactive aspects of education.
Despite the technological advancement, the reaction among students has been mixed. While many appreciate the novel approach and the enhanced accessibility it brings, others, according to a survey by University of Hong Kong professor Cecilia Chan, still prefer human teachers for their unique ability to connect emotionally and provide personalized feedback.
HKUST is committed to further developing this technology, with plans to integrate more interactive features into the AI lectures to simulate a more responsive and immersive educational environment. The university’s initiative reflects a broader trend in Hong Kong, where other institutions are also beginning to incorporate AI in various capacities to enhance educational outcomes.
Additionally, HKUST is investing significantly in AI resources, including the appointment of an “AI Ambassador” to promote AI integration across campus, highlighting its dedication to adopting cutting-edge technology in education. This initiative not only positions HKUST at the forefront of educational innovation but also sets a precedent for the future of AI in academia.SOURCE 

Stability AI Sparks Debate with Launch of Stable Artisan

AI News Stability AI Launches Generative AI Discord Bot, Stable Artisan
Stability AI has introduced a new way for Discord users to engage with generative AI technology through its latest service, Stable Artisan. This innovative Discord bot allows users to generate customized images and videos directly within the Discord platform, employing Stable Diffusion 3 (SD3) for images and Stable Video Diffusion (SVD) for videos.
The concept of integrating generative AI into Discord is not new, with competitors like Midjourney pioneering similar services since 2022. However, Stability AI has expanded accessibility to its AI models beyond developer APIs and previous partnerships, such as the now-defunct Clipdrop web service. While Stable Video remains available on its dedicated website, the broader access through Discord marks a significant outreach to the community.
Stable Artisan launched with several subscription plans, ranging from a basic $9/month plan offering 900 credits to a premium $99/month plan that provides 1,200 credits. The service employs a credit system where each image generated by SD3 costs 6.5 credits, video generation costs 20 credits, and images using an older model cost 3 credits.
Christian Laforte, co-CEO and CTO of Stability AI emphasized the launch as a foundational step to refine the bot’s functionality and prepare for future enhancements. Users interested in the service can start with a 3-day free trial and need to be members to use it.
In addition to basic generation, Stable Artisan boasts advanced editing and customization features, enhancing user interaction with AI-generated content. Among these are the Search and Replace feature for dynamic object substitution in images, background removal, creative upscaling to 4K resolution, Outpaint for extending image boundaries, and Control Sketch to transform sketches into detailed images.
Despite the launch of Stable Artisan, Stability AI continues to develop its suite of AI services. The company has announced plans for Stable Assistant, a comprehensive chatbot that combines its text-to-image and large language model technologies to facilitate a broad range of tasks via conversational AI. This upcoming service aims to broaden the utility and accessibility of Stability AI’s technological offerings.
As Stability AI evolves its platform, it continues to differentiate itself in a competitive market by enhancing user experiences and integrating AI into commonly used applications like Discord, making advanced technology more accessible and versatile for a diverse user base. SOURCE 

OpenAI set to unveil AI-driven Challenger to Google Search

AI News OpenAI, backed by its strong partnership with Microsoft, is gearing up to introduce a revolutionary AI-driven search tool that could potentially challenge Google’s dominance in the search engine market. According to sources cited by Reuters, this new product is set to debut on Monday, strategically timed just before Google’s annual I/O conference, which begins on Tuesday and is expected to showcase several AI innovations.
Google has long been the leader in search technology, but it has also been evolving its platform to integrate AI more comprehensively. Over a year ago, Google started experimenting with AI-enhanced search summaries in the US and has since extended these trials to include selected UK users who are signed in.
The entry of OpenAI into this space introduces fresh competition not only for Google but also for other players like Perplexity, which recently announced a collaboration with SoundHound aimed at improving voice assistants for IoT devices using its AI search technology.
Leveraging Microsoft’s resources, OpenAI has previously incorporated its AI tools into Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Edge browser as of February 2023. These features, initially available to paid subscribers, were also integrated into Microsoft Office applications, demonstrating the deepening fusion of AI with search technology.
OpenAI’s upcoming search tool aims to enhance its existing ChatGPT platform by enabling users to query ChatGPT and receive web-sourced answers with proper citations. This includes sourcing from Wikipedia and blogs, and potentially offering visual aids like images and diagrams that relate to the queries. According to Bloomberg, this functionality aims to transform internet searches from traditional models to more dynamic, AI-driven interactions, potentially redefining user experience in web search.
This anticipated launch by OpenAI not only intensifies the competition in the search engine market but also highlights the pivotal role AI is starting to play in reshaping how we access and interact with information online.SOURCE 


As AI continues to revolutionize various sectors, from education to creative industries and even search engines, staying updated on these advancements is crucial. Hong Kong University’s innovative AI lecturers, Stability AI’s new generative AI Discord bot, and OpenAI’s impending challenge to Google Search all signify transformative shifts in how we interact with technology.AI News
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