“AI Transforms Media: HD Video, Virtual Tupac, Coding Revolution”

Adobe’s impressive AI upscaling project makes blurry videos look HD

Adobe’s New AI Upscaling Makes Videos Sharper

AI News Adobe’s research team has created VideoGigaGAN, a cutting-edge AI model capable of upscaling videos up to eight times their original quality without the usual glitches. As revealed in a recent paper, VideoGigaGAN outperforms existing Video Super Resolution (VSR) methods by delivering crisper visuals free from the common ‘AI weirdness.’
While Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) traditionally excel in upscaling still images, they often introduce flickering in videos. Adobe’s innovation bridges the gap, offering the enhanced clarity of GANs with steady, artifact-free video frames. The company has showcased several high-resolution examples, displaying the AI’s ability to produce naturally refined details

AI News Although these advancements are still in the research phase, Adobe hints at a potential future where this technology might be accessible to users through platforms like Premiere Pro. This follows Adobe’s demonstration of Project Res-Up, another upsampling tool presented at the MAX event last year. With tech giants like Microsoft and Nvidia also venturing into VSR technology, Adobe’s VideoGigaGAN stands out for its ability to refine video resolution with unprecedented realism.SOURCE  

Drake threatened with lawsuit over diss track featuring AI Tupac

Drake Faces Legal Heat Over AI Tupac in Diss Track

AI News Drake’s latest track, ‘Taylor Made,’ which controversially features an AI-generated version of the late Tupac Shakur, has stirred up potential legal trouble. Tupac’s legal team has publicly expressed their outrage and is ready to take action against the unauthorized use of the hip-hop icon’s voice.
The estate of Tupac Shakur has made it clear they’re upset with Drake’s artistic choice, labeling it as disrespectful to the legacy of a hip-hop legend. Howard King, representing the estate, highlighted the estate’s shock at the unapproved mimicry of Tupac’s distinctive voice, stressing that permission would not have been granted for such use.
As the rap world watches Drake’s unfolding saga with Kendrick Lamar and other artists, this latest song has grabbed attention not just for its lyrical digs but for its simulation of voices from influential West Coast rappers. The release of ‘Taylor Made’ came swiftly on the heels of Drake’s ‘Push Ups,’ a counter to a jab from Kendrick Lamar featured in Future’s ‘Like That.’

AI News The move to incorporate AI-generated voices of Tupac and Snoop Dogg in ‘Taylor Made’ has sparked a mixture of reactions, including a cryptic Instagram post from Snoop Dogg himself. While some may view the dispute as a trivial aspect of the rap industry’s competitive nature, it underscores the broader implications of the rise in AI-generated music, challenging industry norms and legal boundaries.
Now, with a 24-hour ultimatum issued by Tupac’s estate, Drake may find ‘Taylor Made’ retracted from the internet unless he opts to defend his use of the AI-generated voice legally. Drake, known for his previous criticisms of AI music, now potentially faces a significant battle over the boundaries of innovation and the respect for an artist’s legacy.SOURCE  

Eric Schmidt-backed Augment, a GitHub Copilot rival, launches out of stealth with $252M

AI-Powered Coding Revolutionizes Development Workflows

AI News The integration of AI into coding is rapidly becoming the norm, with a StackOverflow survey revealing that nearly half of software engineers already utilize AI tools, and Gartner projects that by 2028, three-quarters of developers will employ AI coding assistants. Igor Ostrovsky, a former Microsoft developer, is among those who see AI not just as a convenience but as an essential upgrade to the software engineering process. He asserts that AI can significantly enhance software quality and developer productivity, making the job more enjoyable.
Ostrovsky’s vision led to the creation of Augment, a coding platform designed to harness AI’s full potential in development. Recently, Augment announced its launch, backed by a formidable $252 million in funding and a valuation close to a billion dollars. Supported by Eric Schmidt and leading venture capitalists, Augment enters the generative AI coding market with the ambition to resolve common industry challenges—fragile software, cumbersome maintenance, and overloaded development teams.
Before founding Augment, Ostrovsky spent several years at Microsoft, contributing to Midori, an unreleased operating system whose ideas have since permeated Microsoft’s product range. His experience there and at Pure Storage, a data storage startup, has fueled his drive to build Augment, a platform poised to empower developers and organizations to produce superior software more efficiently. SOURCE  


Adobe’s foray into AI with VideoGigaGAN is set to redefine video upscaling, promising HD quality without the usual distortions. Meanwhile, Drake’s use of AI-generated voices stirs legal controversies, reflecting the music industry’s complex relationship with emerging AI technologies. In the realm of digital artistry, Adobe’s generative AI tools in Photoshop herald a new era of creative possibilities, blending traditional techniques with innovative AI capabilities to transform the user experience. For more AI News follow Arcot Group.

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