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Sanctuary’s new humanoid robot learns faster and costs less

Image of sanctuary's humanoid robots by AI

AI News Sanctuary AI, a Canadian company not as frequently mentioned alongside prominent humanoid robotics firms like Boston Dynamics, Agility, Figure, and 1X, has been a quiet contender in the field. Recently, they introduced the seventh generation of their Phoenix robot series. Unlike previous versions that introduced leg mechanisms, the latest iteration focuses more on the torso and upper body functionalities. Sanctuary’s new robot videos demonstrate human-like movements and the robot’s ability to quickly learn tasks such as sorting products.
The conversation around humanoid robots has largely centered on mechatronics and their ability to maneuver through environments—a narrative well illustrated by Boston Dynamics‘ visuals. However, Sanctuary AI emphasizes the growing importance of robotic intelligence, suggesting that the real value lies in a robot’s ability to learn new tasks rapidly, a domain where their latest Phoenix robot excels, claiming to automate tasks within 24 hours.
Co-founder and CEO Geordie Rose stated that this seventh-generation robot is among the most human-like systems available, marking a significant milestone towards the development of general-purpose AI robotics and a step closer to achieving artificial general intelligence.
Sanctuary has made considerable advancements with each iteration, and the latest model boasts enhanced uptime, greater range of motion, reduced weight, and cost-efficiency in materials. These improvements come just a year after its predecessor, highlighting the company’s rapid innovation cycle. Moreover, Sanctuary has already implemented earlier models in real-world settings and recently secured a partnership to integrate their robots into Magna’s auto manufacturing operations, showcasing the practical deployment of their technology. SOURCE , SOURCE 

Metro installing AI-powered cameras on buses to issue tickets to illegally parked vehicles

AI Camera in Los Angeles

AI News Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is introducing AI-powered cameras on its buses to enforce parking rules in bus lanes, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. The initiative aims to enhance bus service, boost ridership, and alleviate mobility challenges by preventing blockages in bus stop zones, which can hinder access for passengers with disabilities.
When a parking violation is detected, the incident will be reviewed by the L.A. Department of Transportation to decide if a ticket should be issued. The testing phase of this program is set for this summer, with plans to fully implement the system by year-end. SOURCE 

Moderna Integrates ChatGPT Enterprise to Boost Innovation Across Functions

Image of New Moderna GPT by open AI

AI News Moderna has partnered with OpenAI to implement ChatGPT Enterprise, transforming operations across the company by empowering every team with AI. This collaboration aims to expand and accelerate the impact of Moderna’s teams, enhancing their productivity through novel AI-driven applications and GPTs.
With a long-standing presence at the intersection of science, technology, and health, Moderna is leveraging AI to drive forward its mission of delivering impactful mRNA medicines. The company is poised to launch up to 15 new products in the coming five years, ranging from vaccines to personalized cancer treatments.
AI News The integration of ChatGPT Enterprise is part of Moderna’s strategic approach to adopting cutting-edge technologies that enhance human capabilities and clinical performance. To ensure the successful deployment of AI, Moderna has committed to achieving 100% adoption and proficiency among its workforce within six months. This involves a comprehensive change management strategy that includes in-depth training programs, AI prompt contests to engage employees, and extensive support through internal forums and local office hours.
The rollout of ChatGPT Enterprise at Moderna began with the transition from mChat, an internal AI chatbot, to the more robust and favored ChatGPT Enterprise. This shift was based on extensive user testing and feedback, which highlighted the superior user experience provided by ChatGPT Enterprise.
Since its introduction, ChatGPT Enterprise has enabled the creation of 750 custom GPTs within Moderna, demonstrating significant adoption and engagement across the company. These GPTs are being utilized to augment tasks like clinical trial development, with specific applications such as the Dose ID GPT, which assists in analyzing clinical data and optimizing vaccine doses.
Moreover, Moderna’s legal team has achieved 100% usage of ChatGPT Enterprise, allowing them to focus more effectively on impactful legal matters. Similarly, the corporate brand team uses AI to refine communication strategies, making complex biotechnical information accessible across various audiences.
This strategic integration of AI not only enhances Moderna’s operational efficiency but also propels the company towards its goal of leading in mRNA technology and transforming the healthcare landscape. SOURCE 


This article illustrates how AI is profoundly transforming diverse industries. Sanctuary AI’s latest humanoid robot exemplifies the rapid advancements in robotics, offering enhanced capabilities and cost efficiency. In transportation, Los Angeles Metro is leveraging AI-powered cameras to streamline operations and enhance accessibility, demonstrating AI’s potential to improve urban mobility. Meanwhile, Moderna’s partnership with OpenAI showcases AI’s transformative role in healthcare, enhancing drug development and operational efficiencies across the board. Collectively, these developments underscore the pivotal role AI plays in driving innovation, optimizing processes, and addressing complex challenges across sectors.
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